Good Hands

It’s funny how things can change so quickly in such a short amount of time. I first heard about this coronavirus when I was at Faith Builders Winter Term back…


You’re Welcome

I love being a Pediatrics nurse… I love tiny baby stethoscopes and stuffed animals and patients who smile when I give them stickers with Elsa… I love being creative and…

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A Candle

If you're feeling burned out, know that He can come provide flame... "I burned out like a firework- great was the fall! Great was the blaze and then nothing at…


To Live Again

Learning and living with people from many different backgrounds is a lot of fun! My room-mate and I switched identities for one evening... Hello everyone--it's been awhile! Faith Builders winter…


Perfect Through His Glory

My morning routine includes curling up in my pajamas with a blanket, a cup of hot coffee, and my Bible and paging through passages until I find something that inspires…


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