Goldie of Goldie Lane

I once said I didn’t like cats.
But then I met Goldie the golden-eyed cat;
He stalks with aplomb down the Goldie Lane drive.
He lashes his tail and ignores my advances,
But when I am reading he casually sits
Down beside me and gazes across the expanses.

I went on a walk and he walked right behind me,
So gracefully prowling like lion in jungle.
I caught up my lion and ruffled his mane;
He endured for a minute.(He thought me insane.)
When I scratched his chin he just couldn’t help purring,
But after a minute he unsheathed his claws
And jumped from my arms onto soft, cushioned paws.

He plays hard to get, but I know anyhow;
He loves me as much as aloofness allows…

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