Summer Dreams

Lazy, gray light beams lick over the sky.
The birds breathe good morning, a new day is nigh.
The languid sun floods our dear world with her light-
And illuminates fog against hazy, blue heights.
Blue and green days are here mid- way through June,
The sun sparkles down on the glistening dew.
Fluffy, white cloud breaths submerge in deep blue…
Bumbling bumble bees buzz in the grass…
Each lily nods as the breeze dances past…
Dark clouds tumble in and obscure the whole sky,
The big, rumbling thunderheads roll up on high.
Pattering drops of a soft, summer rain,
Pour down like a kiss on my uplifted face.
Like they came the clouds keep rolling on
Leaving a rainbow a gift of the sun.
Sunset glows pink and the big orange ball,
Shines on the airplanes as dusk slowly falls,
We gaze up in dreams at the slim, silver moon,
Star light- star bright- winks from deep purple hue.
The nighttime drops gently on each one beneath
As we lag our way home with our dewy-damp feet
The fire-flies flick on and off and they gleam,
Like our drowsy and glimmering summertime dreams…

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