The 10 Day Writing Challenge- Day #3

Today I share my beautiful and brilliant older sister’s thoughts, brought to you all the way from Cambodia… She has a heart of gold, and it is worth winning! Trust me.

8 Ways to Win My Heart

by Lanita

  1. Listen to me. Ask questions. If someone’s not actively listening, I know it and shut my mouth.
  2. Give me a lot of time. I trust slowly. Sometimes I distrust my own value and wonder why you would like me. If it seems I’m holding back, keep being friendly. I’m probably just a little scared of you.
  3. Encourage me. I know, it looks like I have it all going smoothly. But I might be discouraged with the effort it takes to keep putting my best into it. I might be tired of pressing on, and a compliment or words of appreciation refresh my inspiration.
  4. Be unselfish. Don’t expect everyone to listen to you or do things your way. Don’t chase the American Dream as if that’s the end goal of life.
  5. Notice what I need without me asking. I’m really impressed if you offer me a seat, fetch me coffee, or notice I’m cold.
  6. Be kind to children. They are an important part of my life. Love me, love them.
  7. Be passionate about life! Try new things and take me along. Be intelligently curious about worthwhile things.
  8. Love music. (How could you not?) Sing. I love hearing people sing wherever and whenever they feel inspired. A beautiful voice makes it even more enjoyable.

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