The 10 Day Writing Challenge- Day #7

This is my talented, 16-year-old cousin Lucia. She is an aspiring author and plays cello, in addition to working in her dad’s office as a secretary.

4 Things That Turn Me Off

by Lucia

  1. Deliberate ignorance. I’m well aware that not everyone enjoys learning and research as much as I do. But we live in the age of information. There is no excuse for not knowing basic reading, writing, and math. If someone doesn’t care about getting a good education, I’m sorry, but we are not going to get along.
  2. Shallow conversations. Okay, maybe you like talking about clothes and boys and Instagram. But are those the only things in your life worth discussing? (If they are, then I pity you.) It might not be fun talking about your struggles. It might even be scary. But when we share our struggles with each other, we can encourage and lift each other out of our mess and into the light. And that’s where healing begins.
  3. A dislike of music. My apologies, but I’m a musician. If you don’t appreciate music for the heavenly gift that it is, bye-bye.
  4. Stressing out over little details. Does it really matter? Is it worth a headache? Relax. Please. It’s probably not going to matter five years from now

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  1. Very well written Lucia! I like this a lot!!

  2. Love this! Perfectly delivered! 😍

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