The 10 Day Writing Challenge- Day #8

Anita earns the title of “my most entertaining cousin.” She always keeps life interesting! She is the one in the middle below…

3 Happy Moments in My Life

by Anita

When I woke up and realized I’m in my favorite place. Stone cottage on Isle au Haut, Maine. Vacationland. All day ahead of us! A week, actually. Exploring my favorite places, mountain trail biking and hiking, skipping stones across the water down by the bay, or walking down to the only gift shop on the island, and chatting with my friend who owned it. Playing battleship by the fireplace with my siblings and bored in-laws on rainy days. Those fantastic breakfasts where everyone helped create and eat amazing omelettes, pancakes, fried sausage, breakfast burritos and the likes. Picnics by the water with the whole family,  collecting perfect stones, discovering new plants in their natural habitat, like the sundew and pitcher plant! and wildlife, anything from crabs and barnacles to sea cucumbers and star fish. Getting lost in nature. Most of the island people knew when ‘the Zimmerman family’ was visiting! I’ll never forget those days. And one day I’ll go back.

When the Lord first spoke to me. Little ol’ me! And showed me how much he loved me like crazy, and I wasn’t a ‘bad girl’ who had to try to perform and act perfectly to make up for it. I’ll never forget the day He taught me how to forgive in return for being hurt. I’ll write about that day some more, sometime. When it seemed life couldn’t be any more happier…

When I get to go home. Holidays. After a long time away, there really is no place like home, no one quite like your own family, no matter how many, or crazy, or loud they may be! You can really be yourself and comfortable with these people, whoever you call your family. I can’t wait for Thanksgiving Day… Me, with my mom and dad and 11 dear siblings, and 4 in-laws, and four nephews and three nieces in the big, sprawling, used-to-be-Amish house on the hillside. Happy moments indeed.

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