“You have listened to fears, Child…”

You have listened to fears, Child… ~Aslan in Prince Caspian

You spend days asking yourself if this unrest is My will for you. If I’ve left you here to shrivel up all by yourself? You ask yourself why you can’t find peace, can’t find rest. You wonder if I intended you to feel like a failure. You wonder if I don’t love you, if you’ve fallen too far from grace.

You listen to fear, and you wonder if it is the voice of truth. You listen to the voice that tells you that everyone hates you, including Me, and you’ll never be enough. You listen to the voice that says that you are not loved. You listen to the voice that tells you that it’s no good trying to make a difference or be different than you’ve ever been. You listen to the voice that says life is meaningless. You begin to believe it.

You begin to believe that nothing happens for a reason. You begin to believe that you are on your own in a world that’s falling apart. You begin to act like you are alone in a world that’s falling apart. You live sad, troubled, unfocused. You live panicked and depressed.

You’ve been listening to fears.

But perfect love casts out fear. You haven’t been listening to My voice. My voice will drown out the voice of fear, but you need to listen to Me first. You need to believe Me. You need to stop listening to fears.

You need to listen to the words I speak. The words I speak will refute the voices you’ve been listening to. They will set you free.

Because it isn’t My will for you to shrivel up and die here alone. It isn’t My will that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance. Those that ask, will receive- I’m so ready, so willing, to give peace to those who surrender their will to Mine. I came so you could have peace and joy, more abundant peace and joy than you’ll ever find in the securities of the world. I came to give you rest. I CAME TO DIE FOR YOU.

I died for you, and there is no greater love than this- that a Man lays down His life for His friend. You are my friend- if you do the things I ask of you. My commandments are in such stark contrast to the commands of fear. Fear tells you to patch your life and your reputation together. Fear tells you to not let them see your broken heart. Fear tells you that you cannot trust those you love to My hands. Fear tells you to work hard, or you may starve, you may fall… But my yoke is easy. My burden is light. Come unto Me… I will give you rest. That’s all I ask- that you come to Me. That you listen to My voice. That you stop listening to fear.

Come to me and believe… There is nothing that can separate you from My love, other than your own deliberate choice. You are loved. You are not enough, but I am enough for you.

“You have listened to fears, Child…”

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