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Hello, friends! I don’t feel as if I have anything at all profound to write about. In these days of COVID, quarantine, and masks, these three things are the last things that I want to write about. I have been spending a lot of time at home lately, because (surprise!) even though I am a nurse, nurses don’t seem to be that essential these days, and quarantining seems to cut down on other illnesses besides the nightmare virus. I’m almost scared to say that, kind of like we are not supposed to use the “q” word at work (“quiet”, but shh, I didn’t say it, I just typed it). But I’m not superstitious, right? Which is what I tell my coworkers when they become almost violent when I say casually, “It’s kind of quiet tonight, isn’t it?”

But like I said, I don’t really want to write about any of that stuff, or anything sad, really. I really want to think about something happy, and different, and exotic. My sister and I have been trying to do this frequently–we build campfires, video call people we like, drink fluffy coffee, read our Bibles together first thing in the morning quiet, go on walks, work outside, and (when Alison decides we need to talk about something interesting) look up conversation prompts and talk about three words that describe us. I said my sister was ‘calm, smart, and in-control.’ She returned the compliments, saying I was ‘talkative, determined, and social.’

Has anyone not had this quarantine coffee? It’s all the rage…

I took a cue from the conversation prompts and looked up writing prompts, so I could write about something interesting. I found two that seemed to go together–they are the following:

#1-Write a personal essay describing an exotic animal you’d like to have as a pet.

#2-We’ve seen cute and cuddly dragons, mean and vicious dragons, and noble dragons. Write a story about a different kind of dragon.

Now, depending how you feel about reptiles, you may not think these two go together. There is, though, one exotic animal that I want to have as a pet. And this pet is not a cute and cuddly dragon, or a mean and vicious dragon, or even a particularly noble dragon. No, this is a different kind of dragon.

This dragon is little and inquisitive. He is cute, but he is not cuddly. He climbs up the side of the glass and peers at me longingly, as if to say–“Take me home with you!” Either that or, “If you love me, set me free–free in my natural habitat, somewhere I can be me like you are you. How would you feel behind this glass?” I’m not totally competent in little dragon talk, so I’m not sure which he is saying. I prefer the former, though, because I’d like to think his longing for me is as great as my longing for him.

So I explain through the glass that my mom does not understand the charm of little dragons, or the love that exists between him and me. I tell him how adorable he is and how I’ve wanted him for years, but I just cannot–not as long as I live with my mother. I pledge my undying devotion through the pet store glass and look forward to my next visit.

He has cute little hands, and cute little feet, and a cute little tail, and a cute little beard, and such a cute, little innocent expression. People ask why I love lizards so much when I hate snakes so much. I say, “Maybe because the one is cursed and the other is not?”

Without further ado, allow me to introduce you to my friend, the Bearded Dragon Lizard. Can you understand why I love him so?

He makes me happy.

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  1. Really enjoy the dragon article! It made a great break in the middle of an “opposite to bored” class day.

  2. 🙂 I love this. I love lizards too, so long as they dont surprise me scrambling over my feet over such like!

  3. Yes, I understand.😁 I like your little dragon.

  4. Thankyou for the ideas of what to do during quarantine.
    AND thankyou for the totally COVID-unrelated essay about bearded dragons. They are adorable, and I understand why you want one, and the picture made me happy.

  5. 100% agreed that we need positive talk and cut down on the Covid!!! The world is a gloomy place but we can be happy! And your little friend is super cute!

  6. If you come to Texas I’ll catch you a lizard, though he won’t hold himself as majestically as the one you pictured. He may however awake in you your childhood love of gekos 😀

    1. It’s a deal–next time I come to Texas you catch me a lizard! Gecko or no I’m sure I will love him 🙂

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