Peace and Love from a Girl on Bangladesh Quarantine

This morning finds me a little happier, a little more at home here in the apartment in Bangladesh where I quarantine—a little less jetlagged, a little more like I might have something productive to do, and a little more in tune to the Spirit of God… We watched a sermon on walking in the Spirit last night, and ever since I have been wondering what that means, and if I have, in my own determinedness to be skeptical and wise, quenched the very Spirit that is my only source of life?

Also, it is raining today, and I may get to do inventory on a shipment of meds, and I just completed doing the pharmacy records from yesterday. This makes me feel a little bit worthwhile, and the rain makes me a little happier to stay here in this little apartment listening to it falling outside on palms and rooftops. The electricity just blinked off and on and off and on and off and it is currently on… But I’m not holding my breath. It comes and goes at whim here, and we don’t even bother mentioning it if it blinks off in the middle of a conversation.

When I asked my boyfriend what to do while I quarantine, he told me to write blog posts. So here I am, writing another blog post. Also, he and his sisters and my sisters and I are going to be doing a writing challenge which means you may be bombarded with blog posts on a variety of subjects such as 5 things that make my day or how I imagine something was invented. He and his sisters are very kind to join me, since they are busy and not quarantining. My own sisters happen to also be quarantining in Cambodia, with one hour time difference from me, and also need something productive to do. (They confided in me that they “sleep all the time.” As their nurse, I cannot approve of this as healthy.)

Other Notes from Bangladesh Quarantine

#1- It is delightful that there is coffee in the morning here, same as at home, and it is even in my orange mug from home. Also, there is a balcony to sit on while I drink it, similar to the porch at home, and my own Bible to read simultaneously, and God is here to talk to same as there.

#2- When one is on quarantine, one does not mock people who spend lots of time on social media. One is happy to partake in anything that includes the word “social.”

#3- Palm trees are very nice things to see daily and at close range. Trash and that strange odor that arises to my balcony at times are not as pleasing but perhaps will be adjusted to.

#4- Bethanie, the nurse practitioner sharing my apartment, is someone I hope to be more like when I grow up. She is also a very comfortable person to share an apartment with.

#5- This is a noisy country. Someone is pounding on something below me; horns honk all the time, even at night; the birds are noisy; the fans are noisy; and there are sometimes noisy crowds of people outside the windows, although they are not today due to the rain.

#6- We bleach vegetables and our dishes and filter our drinking water. Also, the whole bathroom is a shower since the shower head is in the middle of the bathroom, so I wipe down the bathroom and squeegee the floor following my showers.

#7- It is 8:41 am here, and I believe it is 10:41 pm back home. Wherever you are at in your day, I hope it is good. I will probably post again either tonight or tomorrow. Have you ever considered before that tonight and tomorrow are subjective words?

Peace and love, friends, from one girl who is in quarantine in Bangladesh, and amazingly, feeling pretty perky and happy right now!

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  1. So glad your perky and happy and will be so glad for your updates!!! 😊

  2. Please please keep up the blog posts. It is so GOOD to hear from you. ❤❤

  3. We are glad you seem to be adjusting to life in Bangladesh (as well as you can in quarantine) and will continue to keep you in our prayers. Keep us posted.

    1. Thanks for the prayers, and I’ll try to keep you updated! 😊

  4. It’s 8:45 PM here in PA and I guess some time early in the morning for you. Glad to hear your safely settled into quarantine. And I must say that I agree with your boyfriend about writing blog posts as a good use of time 😊 God bless

    1. Thanks, Janet! 😊

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