Writing Challenge #4

Day #4–Share 5 things that are on your bucket list.

By Betsy Stoltzfus

I remember being that youngster fresh out of high school, loaded with dreams and aspirations for the future.  I had planned out my life for the next couple years, and I expected everything to basically fall into place.  But then God completely changed all of that.  We moved an hour away and I settled into a new normal that I never would have chosen or pictured in my wildest dreams.  He brought people into my life that have shaped me in some amazing ways.  He has brought relationships that were emotionally draining and brought me to the Father’s throne many times pleading for wisdom in how to help them.  But His grace has always proved itself sufficient.  Every day.  And for that I am grateful!  So…. onto my bucket list…

  1. Someday I would love to go to music camp.  Immersing myself in a world of wholesome harmony for an entire week just sounds like a delightful experience.  I’d look forward to being stretched and learning more about music as I’d need to learn a selection of new songs quickly.  Making new friends with others who thrive on music sounds wonderful!
  2. Sometime in the future I’d love to get voice lessons.  I don’t want to be one of those elite musical phonies who judges those who sing off pitch or use poor voice techniques.  But I think it’d be great to learn more about breathe control, tone, etc.
  3. Someday I’d like to learn how to make my own natural cleaning products.  I found some neat recipes for cleaners in a magazine.  Just as long as they smell good, it seems like fewer chemicals would be a healthier option.
  4. When I was twelve, my grandparents took me to an orphanage in Mexico called Shining Light.  The children there truly stole a piece of my heart.  I’d love to go with a work group called Orphans for Jesus that stays for about 10 days doing projects and interacting with the children.  
  5. Since plants, especially flowers, equal therapy to me, I’d like to take a class on flower arranging.  I’d love to learn more about how to transform a bunch of scattered beauties into lovely bouquets. 

So some of our dreams fall by the wayside.  We need to hold our aspirations with open hands before our Father’s loving eyes of wisdom.  And yet, I believe it’s healthy to dream and hope, to plan, and pursue!  And follow our gentle Shepherd as He guides our steps! 

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