The Plants of Poplar Street

I have never been a plant person. That is to say, I felt kindly towards plants, romanticized plants, and even occasionally was known to buy plants, but every plant ever placed in my care up till when I got married and had my own house, quickly approached and succumbed to death due to a severe state of neglect. The only plants I owned that survived and thrived were those under the care of my mother. In some genetic anomaly, she failed to pass her green thumb to me.

Now, though, I possess a positive army of green growing things. Unlike my previous unconcern, I watch over my plant babies with the worried and loving eye of a mother. “My plants are like my children,” I confided to my grandma one day, who seemed to think perhaps my anxious care would be better invested in real children…

Still, concerned about my lack of plant skills, I watch my botanical babies closely and try to discern what their needs are. I smile when they thrive, and wonder why they struggle sometimes. I take them out for fresh air, like this morning, and if, like the other day, I notice my pansies suddenly hanging their leaves lethargically, I quickly diagnose and treat for a lack of water and rejoice when they pick up their appendages again and wave at me. And now, let me introduce you…

The other day, when my mom was visiting, I dropped a broad hint that there was a plant at Lowe’s that I was longing to possess in my plant menagerie. My mom, supplier of many plants, therefore bought it for my birthday. Never mind that my birthday isn’t until May, it looks lovely in my happy corner!

This plant, also with an unknown name (I am awful at remembering plant names), came with my wedding gifts. I cannot even remember who gave it, but if they would confess that would be nice, because I have been so pleased to have it as a part of my collection. Water, no water, sunshine, no shine, winter, or summer it simply thrives away. It was made for someone like me.

This beauty dangles luxuriously above my sink, complete with a ladybug! A kind friend gave it to me, and I was so pleased. It fairly lights up the room with carbon dioxide and good vibes.

Someone please tell me why this plant, also featured in my last post as one of my graceful bathroom plants, has turned from red to green? It happened when I trimmed the top part and stuck it in water to grow roots. The other half grew roots just fine, but now it too has become green. Perhaps a psychological reaction, similar to PTSD, from being chopped in half?

And so my little succulents grow, in one of my few south windows. They are picky little things, and one of them recently perished, to my chagrin. Another one possesses some new shoots, though, and the one in the burgundy pot was pulled from the brink of death at one point, but still languishes a little, unfortunately.

And then, of course, the plants also at the top of my post, the ones I am airing outside today–my perky pansies, soon to bloom, I hope, my mandevilla, also hopefully soon to perk up and grow up, my thriving green viny thing, gift from Ben’s aunt, my fern from Grandma, my fresh aromatic herbs, newly purchased, and the summer planter from my sister-in-law that I babied through the winter and recently gifted with a blooming pansy. Also, in the top right hand corner, out of sight, is a poinsettia from my husband that I am hoping bursts back into leaf.

This is the majority of my collection, and as you can see, they are almost all gifts from the people I love, who also give me advice in the care and keeping of green living things. My biology class and knowledge of transpiration has helped me little–the real knowledge comes home-spun and handed down.

Thank you for meeting the plants on Poplar. It has been a pleasure chatting with you. Wish us well, and same to you and your plants.

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  1. I guess I have hope!! 😂

    1. 😂 Yes, I’m sure you do!

  2. My sister just notified me that plants release oxygen, not carbon dioxide, and that she doesn’t think CO2 is a particularly friendly thing to have your kitchen filled with… I concede the point. I had a bit of brain fog about that one when typing it, forgot to Google before publishing, and in googling it later discovered they release both in fact! So yes and no, dear Charlotte. However, the oxygen is what we benefit from more… Thank you hanging green thing!


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