Small Things

My mom, seeing my delight, said I should share a picture of my bread on my blog. She was sure I could come up with a moral to go with it.

Upon careful thought, I found I could.

Because that bread represents my life a bit right now… I can jealously view other people’s sour dough creations and artsy, detailed housekeeping and strain myself trying to keep up, or sit down in defeat and say, “Excuse me? You try taking care of two babies and let’s see if you have time to clean and make bread!”

Or I can take what God has given me, be it only one talent when my sister has five, or fifteen minutes instead of an hour… and I can use it in the best way I can to joyfully do what I can.

Sour dough is probably not in the agenda for the next year, but I did find a way to whisk up bread in my Dutch oven with only minimal prep work, no kneading, and beautiful results…

And maybe I can start blogging again in the same way–a little post here and a little post there–not thinking I need to write lengthy, thought-provoking essays if I’m going to write at all.

Maybe simple and good can walk hand in hand for a little while…

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  1. Well, my eye is drawn to the line of spices marching along the wall behind the bread…. But the bread is beautiful, too. Thank you for sharing.

    1. ❤️

  2. Well said, Alison! And…You are doing great things in the lives of your littles in this season. Blessings!

    1. Thank you!

  3. A little but mighty post! Society rates value and success by larger quantity, bigger numbers, and louder voices. But in Jesus’ kingdom, small, quiet, and ordinary often hold the most power. Thanks for reminding me of that. May ‘simple and good’ walk hand in hand forever, because my limited health doesn’t allow me to go after the ‘big things’ either. Praise Jesus for the small things!

    1. That is so true, Rhoda, thanks so much for your comment!

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