I Found It Was Fall

I found it was fall, so I stopped to pick golden rod today, along the road. My small son cried when he realized I was no longer in the car–had he and his sister been abandoned for wild flowers?

The first day of fall snuck up on me, while I was unaware, and passed by with barely a sound… I knew it was coming, but still was surprised to find it gone.

I also was surprised today to find small son standing gleefully on the first step of my very hard, very wooden stairs… Where will this end? I wondered. Today, it ended with a wooden chair wedged firmly across the staircase, but one day soon a different ending may present itself–one where my babies walk independently up the stairs, and I blink and realize that they are not babies anymore. I know it is coming, but still, I shall be surprised.

When summer is drawing to a close, I look at the warm sun and the green trees, and I think there is no way I can be ready for fall–not yet. But when pumpkins start making appearances on porches, and colorful foliage falls to the ground, I find myself loving every minute of the crisp autumn days, and looking forward to the holidays and, eventually, the first snow flakes.

When my babies were tiny newborns I remember wanting to keep them itsy-bitsy and feeling so sad at the coming switch from preemie to size one diapers. But now I find them laughing, and moving all over the place, and getting into everything… And I realize that I love being a mom to busy, growing almost-eight-month-olds. I dream of fun activities that I can do with them when they are toddlers, and bigger yet!

Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter, surely He has made every season beautiful in His time. (With nods to Solomon.)

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  1. Beautifully said! Children can be delightful and enjoyable in ALL stages.

    Post some twinny pictures!

    1. Ok I’ll try to do a post with lots of pictures of them soon! That would be fun! 😊

  2. And this grandpa, while he doesn’t relish getting older, welcomes with open arms the times when his grandchildren are running around, listening to him read stories, giving him hugs, and chattering about their skinned knees, bee stings, and little accomplishments.

  3. Beautiful flowers they brighten up the whole room. I can see why you were compiled to stop and gather them. Children are so precious and they are our future. The more you put in, the more you get out. Thanks for sharing, God bless

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