5 Saving Graces of Twin-momming

Not to mention Wegman’s shopping carts!

#1: Grocery Pick-up.

Thanks to Covid, I can do my grocery shopping from anywhere at anytime. Amazing, when you have two tiny babies who need to eat almost as soon as you finish the last feeding. Also, really good for when you just want to get out of the house for a bit but can’t quite face the loading and unloading involved in a long shopping trip. Pop ’em in their car seats, pray they go to sleep, and buzz to Walmart. You may even get a few minutes of quiet to listen to a podcast. Now that my babies are a little bigger, and usually don’t mind some quiet car seat time, I often go to the Walmart ten minutes farther away. (It has a nicer view from the pick-up center, I enjoy cruising down the highway for a while, and their pick-up slots don’t seem to be in as high demand.)

#2: Our double-stroller.

I would guess that most of the people on my street are well acquainted with the sight of the Mennonite woman pushing her twins in that semi of a stroller–two babies bundled against the weather, (usually) quietly viewing the scenery passing by. Fresh air, exercise, a break from the boring toys we play with all day long–what’s not to like?

Our double stroller has allowed me freedom, in spite of the fact that I’m a twin mom. My independent nature doesn’t relish the thought of another adult accompanying me and my babies every time we want to get out of the house or run an errand. But with the double stroller loaded in the back of our car, the three of us have set out on many an adventure! Your business had better be handicap accessible, though.

#3: A husband who works from home.

“Ben!” I might holler down the stairs to his basement office, “Do you know what Teddy just did!?” Or, “Hey, dear, the babies are sleeping, is it okay if I run to Dollar General to grab milk?” Having my husband home four days a week is truly a blessing–one we weren’t looking for, but something the Lord gifted us with soon after the babies were born. It makes life easier–not to mention more fun!

#4: Solid routines.

Since I have two babies who need changed and fed and put to sleep, and since I’m responsible for all the activity that happens in between (eating dirt from Mommy’s plants, hanging on Mommy’s skirts because we’re teething, falling and whacking our heads on the floor) –it really helps if they and I know what is coming next. We have milk at the same time every day, nap simultaneously, and eat lunch around noon… When one baby starts to fuss, mommy knows about what time it is and hauls everyone upstairs for naptime, instead of trying to respond to each baby’s cues individually. Call it group therapy if you will. The only true exception to this was at night, when I wanted them to learn to sleep longer stretches. Then I would often respond to them individually instead of waking both of them to eat just because one of them was hungry.

#5: The cuteness factor.

This is the fun part of twin momming: two tiny babies snuggled side-by-side in a pack n play, two 11-month-olds chasing each other behind the couch and shrieking with mirth, two little ones learning to toddle around together… What could be cuter? (Unless it’s three of them, maybe? πŸ˜‰) The utter adorable-ness far outweighs any inconvenience.

P.S. Are there any twin moms here? If so, how long was it after your little ones were born before you slept all night without getting up to take care of babies? I’m at 401 days and counting! (And I realize that might not be unusual even for moms of singletons!)

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  1. Some how I just realized this week that you have a blog! I’m excited to go read all the archives!πŸ™‚ and my Twinnies were about 17 months when they slept all night! πŸ˜‰

    1. πŸ˜„ Have fun delving into my deep and dark past!

      And technically my twins have now slept through a handful of nights, at 15 months! If you count waking up super-early as sleeping through the night. So you beat me! ☺️

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