A New Goal, a Big Surprise, and Daddy’s Babysitting Story

It’s been a busy week! Busy, but good. And here it is, Friday evening already, (I think it’s Friday evening? Yes, it must be...) and I have yet to write a post for my blog. Why is this a problem? Because I have determined to set a new goal for myself: Friday evenings from henceforth shall be blog-posting evenings for me. I cannot promise I will always publish at the same minute, because what if poor Teddy and Ellie would wake up and cry fifteen minutes before my blog post was due? Those midnight college deadlines were stressful enough without twin toddlers, so I’ll avoid emulating them. Also, I can’t promise I won’t miss any Friday evenings, but I shall do my best to be consistent, and maybe my readers can hold me accountable. If you snoop around on my blog a bit, you might notice a few other changes–I’ve been trying to update and create user-friendly features. It’s been a few years since I refurbished things, so it was time for that. I hope to add a few more things sometime soon, but that will have to wait for another day.

My week began with a big surprise–a lovely surprise! For reasons I don’t want to fully explain plus reasons of which I was unaware, Ben and I decided to go to my mom’s house overnight on Monday. My mom had come home, for a few days, from Texas where she is staying with my brother following his stem cell transplant, and I was excited to see her. So I walked up to her door and rang the doorbell. My mom’s newly built house is full of windows, so I peeked in the one conveniently placed next to the door. My mom stood at the kitchen island, and someone else stood beside her. The someone else lifted her head and looked towards the door, and my chin hit the floor, and Teddy fell inside my gaping mouth! Actually, it didn’t, and he didn’t, but my mouth definitely dropped wide open to my sister’s great enjoyment. “Nita, what are you doing here?!” I gasped. Nita is in Cambodia, so how can Nita be in Cambodia and be here at the same time? My mind tried to catch a logical thought. My sister, she must have flown in from Cambodia–all of a 24-48 hour journey–and kept it a secret!

That was a truly incredible part of my week, and Lanita even stayed with me overnight in Wilkes-Barre last night, after accompanying us to a picnic with some of our friends, and then she had breakfast with me this morning. Now she is off again, not off to Cambodia, but off to Texas to see my brother before flying back to her mission. How can I be sad that she is leaving when I didn’t even know that she was coming? I don’t know, but I still am…

I attended my niece’s baptism this week, all by myself, while Ben kept the babies at home. I mourned a little, leaving my family for the evening, but I actually had a lovely time, driving in the quiet through beautiful country hills, and then sitting and listening to an entire sermon, without getting up and going out one single time! I didn’t even read 100 Farm Words in the middle of the service–not even once! Around nine, after talking a bit with friends and family, I jumped in my car and chuckled gleefully. My husband knows I like full and thorough reports when he babysits, and this time he obliged delightfully–so delightfully, in fact, that I am sharing the content of those text messages here, only slightly edited.

“The Uh-Oh Story”

Daddy’s night to put the twins to bed alone: Teddy ate 8 oz of milk, with diaper rash receding, and Ellie almost 5.5 oz of milk. Both lay quietly, watching me, as if amused that I think I can put them to sleep.

Thirty minutes later, the nursery is as peaceful as an empty church. I’m lying on the floor, after falling asleep repeatedly on the rocker trying to read. No one is stirring, except for one persistently half-awake foot of Teddy’s . . . I ensure my phone is on vibrate so the sweet sleepers don’t wake up when mommy calls on her way home and relax on the floor for a nice nap. . .
       It’s not the soft buzz of the phone wakes me up, or my wife’s voice 2 hours later . . .

My eyelids barely meet before a cheerful, “Uh-oh, uh-oh,” from above and slightly to the left, reminds me I’m still awake, and what’s more, I’m not the only one.  Light peers in the window beneath the blackout blinds tossed by a warm summer evening breeze and illuminates a small but much too cheerful small face above me periscoping over the rim of the pack and play.  
        “Uh-oh.” Two little hands join the face. “Uh-oh.” a foot straddles the rim!

“Uh-oh.” A second foot joins the first and the sing- song, “uh-oh,” carries just a note of concern for a moment as teetering, he adjusts his position, and as if this was not the first time ever, drops deftly to the floor.

The “uh-oh,” melody stops and a grin breaks wide across his face. Success! I stifle mine–can’t decide if I’m more proud he’s mastered it, or more worried about the implications: What now! He can no longer be confined merely by dropping him in a crib.

Internally, the grin wins. I crack up with the hilarity of his tiny delight. Applause breaks out–he’s clapping for himself! For real! When does he ever!

I conceal my overwhelming mirth, stifle my smile, and attempt external stern-ness whispering, “No Teddy! Stay in bed!”

We both know it’s a sham, but nevertheless, Teddy is deposited back in bed where he belongs. I relax once more. “Uh-oh,” he giggles as he snuggles into the blanket.  Bed is so much more relaxing when its boundaries have been conquered!

Ben Stoltzfus
The little climber, who, earlier that same evening, got stuck half-way up the fence. Daddy was babysitting, so he took a picture, of course, before helping Teddy down.
And don’t forget the little girl who stole my chocolate!

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  1. Oh my! So many things happenings. A sudden appearance of a sister from faraway lands IS a wonderful surprise. And Ben’s story about “Uh-Oh” had me laughing the whole way through. What a Teddy!

  2. ❤️😉

  3. What a fun post! And I love Ben’s story so much. An occasional guest post by Ben would be a delightful addition to your blog as well! 😉

    1. I agree! 😁

  4. Oh my! Makes this grandpa smile! Grand parenting is so much fun, even if you just hear about or read the stories rather than seeing the action happen!

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