A Speci-ality All Your Own

“Such colorful personalities…” I laughed with Bethanie one day as we drove home from the clinic, bouncing along in the CNG. “Colorful for sure,” she answered ruefully. The people I…


You’re Welcome

I love being a Pediatrics nurse… I love tiny baby stethoscopes and stuffed animals and patients who smile when I give them stickers with Elsa… I love being creative and…

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And Then I Was the Nurse

I’ve been thinking of writing about my first year of being a nurse for a couple months now, and I just haven’t had the energy or the inclination. I’ve been…


To the “Bad” Mom

I see you there… You’re the bad mom. You’re the one that nurses talk about in hushed tones. You’re the one nursing students talk about with anger in the cafeteria.…


Call the Doctor

When I started working as a nurse, one of the scariest things for me was realizing that when my patient was having symptoms that were no longer manageable with nursing interventions, there was no easy option on a multiple choice test that you could select without second thought- that magic nursing school formula...


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